A reason to get a Mac

Yep ImageI don't feel like I really need any more reasons but I have found one. Like many people, I have a ton (more than a thousand) PDFs floating around my hard drive.

YEP is a program that, in its simplest sense, will allow you to organize your PDFs. But it really does so in an intuitive and useful way. The interface looks a lot like the familar iTunes interface and you can easily search, tag and sort your PDFs so you can find exactly what you are looking for in record time. This is a godsend to graduate students who conduct research and need to find that article that they know they have a copy of somewhere.

Looks like it is about time for me to hook up that hi-speed document scanner that has been laying around collecting dust and put articles torn out of magazines, photo copies from friends and more into PDFs so YEP can keep them all orderly and, more importantly, easily found when needed. YEP is Mac only...