Happy 6th Birthday, Apple iPod!

The boys over at MacDailyNews have reminded us that the iPod is six years old (my they grow up so fast). This device has become so ubiquitous over the past couple of years that we forget that it is a child of the 2000s. Why did this device catch on so fast? Well, I think that it hits the mark on ease of use and usefulness. Give people something that is easy to use that is perceived as useful and be amazed at how quickly it becomes implemented. As a teacher trying to integrate technology with other teachers this point can not be stressed enough. The educational landscape is littered with the shattered remains of "failed" unused (mostly) technology applications. Many of those applications were perceived as difficult to use or not- useful to a classroom teacher (or both). This is my theory, anyway but there is a growing base of literature to back it up. Much of this literature references the landmark work "Diffusion of Innovations" by Everett Rogers (which you should read if you are even remotely interested) In any case, many happy returns, iPod.


MacDailyNews - Happy 6th Birthday, Apple iPod!