How online video engages audiences

Some new research (conducted by Forrester research) provides some insight about the power of online video.  To me, as an educator, a couple of tidbits jumped out at me:

Forrester defined Engaged Viewers as those who watch more than an hour of online video per week.

  • A third of them - 36% - are between 13 and 24 years old

  • They spend 2.5 hours with online video a week (on average), watching 6.1 different types of video content

  • They pay close attention to what they are watching (vs. when watching TV)

  • more likely to pay full attention to the videos they watch

  • Engaged Viewers want even more content

We know many students enjoy videos.  We should be creating educational videos, related to the concepts we are trying to teach, that compete with the skateboarding, faceplanting, exploding videos that they are currently watching.  As teachers we should create video to help students understand complicated concepts.  Even better, we should be facilitating the creating of such videos by our students.  They can watch them online and download them to ipods.  They can shoot short 15-20 second clips on their cell phones and send them to each other.  Imagine, having student create short, purposeful 15 second phone clips to summerize a concept or conduct a reflection.  I don't know how it all could work or what the pitfalls might be, but I'm willing to try.