Online "concept mapping"

Teachers are very familar with the popular program Inspiration.  I think this program is really great, easy to use and surprisingly versatile.  However, it is (relatively) expensive and sometimes too much.  Here are three web-based versions of something similar (including a fantastic version by Inspiration *bias alert*).  My pros and cons are based on very limited use (read: first impressions).  If I'm wrong about any of them, please let me know.  Also, I imagine the developers will constantly be adding functionality to these (at least I hope so) and so some of the cons may disappear!


  • PRO: everything you love about inspiration... only online

  • CON: no offline mode, user account required, makes me wonder how they will sustain their pay version, so good I wonder what the catch is :-)

Webspiration - [Family Photo Collage]

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  • PRO: Looks good, easy to use, no sign-up required to create (but you will need one to save), free, prints nicely, collaborative functionality

  • CON: No outline feature, no "clip art", no font control | Home

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  • PRO: easy to use, offline mode, some font control, simple graphics

  • CON: for-pay version has more functions, less "organized" (i.e. more linear) for younger users

Mind Map: Creating a video - MindMeister

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