It's Elemental!

Matter-Iron-Kiran from Science5 on Vimeo.

This week, students in Miss Blandford's & Mrs. McCann's science classes began to finish up their element "videos" and they have really turned out great.  Of course, the student projects are fantastic but I'm really proud of the teachers.  About a month ago - during a "lunch bytes" session (lunchtime technology professional development) - I introduced the idea of using PhotoStory to do a project.   I spent a minimal amount of time showing them how easy the application was to use, showed them the basics of the workflow (writing a script, storyboarding, gathering images, etc.), installed PhotoStory on their computers and they did the rest.  I bounced in from time to time to answer a question or two but otherwise they did it all.

Even better, they are already thinking about how else they could use this application (creating procedural/directions videos, unit summaries, book reports, etc.).  I mean, now that the students (and teachers) know how to do it, why not leverage that knowledge.

A couple of observations and things I liked about this project:

  • the use of free applications means the kids can work on new projects at home

  • the students created educational artifacts that can be viewed by other students

  • students worked through a logical process to create a product

  • it was easy to do

  • the teachers are thinking about new ways to use the tech skills they learned

  • it blended pedagogy and technology

  • the tech guy (me) was a minor participant

  • I now have examples and ideas to share with other teachers

  • it was fun :-)