Career Building

This quarter I worked with 5th grade students on making connections between the skills they are working on at school (or skills they can gain at school) and possible career avenues.  We completed two projects around this topic.  First, students created "illustrated career essays".  This gave them the opportunity to think about what they might was to do when they grow up, why they might be good at it, and the skills they need to be successful in that position.  They wrote the essays in MS Word and illustrated them in CoreFX.  In addition to practicing writing skills, students learned some valuable technology skills (formatting, word art, importing images, drawing on the computer, etc.)

With the career essays finished, we talked about how you go about getting a job (which was very mysterious to students).  We looked at for job ideas, read some job descriptions and then made our resumes... or, more accurately, resume, jr.  We based our resume on a baseball card (you know, picture on the front, stats on the back).  The students really got it!  As parents, you should ask them about these activities and what they learned.  Show them your resumes, talk to them about jobs you have had in the past and how you got them, encourage them to follow their passions and use school to get some of the skills they will need to turn those passions into a potential career path.  These two pieces will go into each student's career portfolio and should be an item to treasure at home as well.