Blogs and blogging (and RSS too)

So we just wrapped up three sessions on blogs and blogging. These were challenging sessions for me to put together and the prep for them took longer than I thought it would. I think the challenge for me was to keep the presentations to 30 minutes (a real challenge since they all lasted 45 minutes). I mean how do you present everything you should know about blogs in such a short time period. I guess the answer is, you don't. For those who are interested, they will get to those things eventually and for those that aren't 45 minutes isn't too much time wasted.

I was most excited to present Netvibes and the concept of RSS feeds. I would really struggle to function on the web without these applications these days. All teachers should consider being blog consumers. There is a lot of good stuff out there (on a professional level and on a personal interest level). It is always tough to gauge the interest level among the staff when they are presented with new technology applications. I'll find out over the coming weeks when I do some follow-up and prodding.

I put many of the links I used for these sessions over on the ideas blog (including the countdown timer) so check those out.