Grading Neighborhood Schools...

So I was reading this article on Walt Mossberg's blog about three sites that allow you to look up data on local schools. One of the sites mentioned jumped out at me... (if only I would have bought some of these domain names). In particular, there were a couple of quotes that caught my eye and inspired me to investigate a bit more.

The rest of the site contains over 4,000 articles written by well-known education sources like the New York University Child Study Center, Reading is Fundamental and the Autism Society of America. It also contains a Web magazine and a rather involved discussion-board community where members can ask questions of like-minded parents and the site’s experts, who respond with advice and suggestions of articles that might be helpful.

Well, that sounds pretty good, right? And finally... excels as a general education site and will be a comfort to parents in search of reliable advice.

Excels, huh? Good advice for parents? Sounds like it could be a nice resource. Well, I'll check it out in a bit more detail. The few minutes I spent there looked alright (aside from the numerous advertisements). If you get a chance take a look. I'd like to know what you think. Leave a comment.