Future of digital pictures?

Well, I'm home on a snow day today so I thought I would be productive and catch up on a few things I had written down in my ideas notebook. I came across a note in there that referred to a conversation the Deputy Head and I had a week or so ago. We were talking about this new piece of photo technology. I just watched the video of this technology on TED and am totally floored. You want to be wowed, watch it (watch just about anything on TED, actually).

What a powerful application, I mean, taking data from everyone and linking it together into something new and special. Wow! In fact, the more users an application like this has, the more powerful it becomes. This is pretty heady stuff, but trust me, it is potent and important. You think this guy is GT?

If you want to play with it live, go to Microsoft's photosynth website download and install the software and then go back to the website and click on "Try It". (I know, Microsoft? What? In fact, the Blaise makes a comment about his own shock that he now works for Microsoft @ about 4:55). Have I mentioned how impressed I am!