Cellphone U

The Deputy Head was blogging about cellphones in schools the other day and it got me thinking.... The Japanese love their cellphones and, historically, have pushed the limits of what they can do with them. Well, how about getting your degree, in part, due to your phone.

Cyber University, the nation's only university to offer all classes only on the Internet, began offering a class on mobile phones Wednesday on the mysteries of the pyramids.... The cellphone version, which pops up as streaming video on the handset's tiny screen, plays just the Power Point images as a professor's voice played from the handset speakers.

So, it is not really a full course but it is pretty clear where this kind of thing is headed. As cellphones become more powerful, more like tiny computers, what sorts of academic potential might they represent (do they already represent)? Of course, this assumes that school districts allow their students to have them at all.