Email server down

Today our email server went down and it took most of the day to get it back up and running. While our division tech guys worked hard to get it back to life, I enjoyed a highly productive, email-free day! It is funny, some people were a bit stressed out not to have email and others really appreciated the day "offline". It is important to realize that while email (and other tech) has the potential to make our lives more productive, efficient, entertained, etc. they can also be a major source of stress. Do yourself a favor and feel free to leave the tech off for a day or more. Read a book, watch a DVD (not counting that as tech), go for a walk, social network at Starbucks.

... and before you try to catch me on the hypocrisy of blogging that people should take a "tech day off", consider this my own personal sacrifice for your overall well being :-)