My new problems with RSS & Twitter

So, I've gone through the phase of subscribing to all the blogs and tweets I like to read. The ones with the great ideas, latest tech news, fascinating philosophical discussions, Obama updates, lesson plans I *have* to try, and much more (too much, I dare say!). No, now I have a new problem.

By self-selecting all my news and information I have successfully eliminated all the news and ideas with which I don't agree! I'm reading opinions that support my political, educational, and religious viewpoints - not to mention my technical (apple) and musical (pitchfork).

So, I hereby pledge to add to my Netvibes some opposing viewpoints (Does Fox News have a blog?) in an effort to solidify my own! (and I encourage you to do the same).

Self-selectors of the world... don't unite! Instead, expand your horizons (and which one of these twitter accounts is the real John McCain?)