A discussion about sharing


My principal is really interested in having teachers in my school using technology to share ideas, best practices, student work and more. Today I presented some ideas to the teacher leaders at my school. We discussed questions like "what can you share?" (pictures, video, reflections, etc.), "who can you share with?" (teachers, students, etc.) and "How can you share?" (flickr, vimeo, blogging, etc.). The discussion was a good one but I feel that I lost some teachers along the way (too much stuff). The next time I do this presentation I think I'll put a personal spin on the sharing resources that I use regularly and why I use them (i.e. what problems they solve for me; how they make me a better teacher). This will frame the discussion in reality (my reality) and open the door for discussing how technology can be used to support enhance their teaching.

In an effort to do some sharing... more photos of our whiteboard brainstorming can be found here. I need to add some links to some of those sites... maybe today during football. GO SKINS!