Thought provoking commercials - IBM

IBM really has some great, though provoking commercials that I hope are more than just marketing spin.  They always make me think... which, let's face it, is not always an easy thing to get me to do (just ask my wife).  When I watched the ones below, I asked myself, how well am I preparing students to tackle the complex and ill-defined problems articulated in the commercials?  How well am I giving them opportunities to think and express their own ideas and opinions?  How well am I doing to create an environment that allows them to ask and answer their own questions?  Is it possible IBM gets what is needed in education reform better than education policy and decision makers?  I don't know, just watch the commercials* and let me know what you think.

Update (1/17).  I found some additional IBM materials that are additionally thought provoking.  The "Smarter City" project is pretty neat.

* There are more great ones... just having trouble finding them :-)