Visualize a Speech

I've shared out videos from Sir Ken Robinson (SKR) before.  This man has the ability to articulate issues surrounding education like few people do.  The video below takes one of his speeches and adds an interesting element to it... they animate it.  Do you think that adding this layer is helpful or distracting?  For me, I think it helps me focus and understand much better than if I was reading a transcript of this speech or even over a video of the speech itself (which you can watch here... it's much longer than the animated one).  I'm not saying that I want everything presented to me in this way, it's just that for this type of speech it works.

On a related note, what do you think about what SKR has to say about how we "do" education? Is he right? Misguided? Over simplifying? Do you hear teachers in schools having conversations about some of the concepts he discusses?  Regardless, he makes you think, and that can't be a bad thing. More links to additional SKR resources and speeches under the video.  

More SKR (naturally, you can Google more)
From CNN
Ted Talks 2006 & 2010 

Also, you can watch more from the RSA Animate series over on YouTube, the Dan Pink one is good.