Friday Visualization #9 - Visualapolooza

This week I've got a couple of visuals to share... there are just so many good ones out there!  As always, think about how you can share, modify, and get inspired to create your own (and have students create them too)

Halloween Humor
I probably should have shared this a few weeks before Oct 31st.  Loads of data could be collected by students: how much candy? how many houses visited? what was the top candy received? What's the ratio of Reese's to KitKat? And probably much, much more.  Once this data is collected, students could create and compare some interesting visuals.  The visual below takes a slightly different direction and is very clever and, for me, pretty accurate.

visual from FlowingData

There is some nice math that could be done with a simple visual like this... for example, have kids write word problems that would go with this one... I bought 8 pounds of candy, I handed out a tenth of it, how many pounds candy did I eat? Now that I think of it, this could be replicated for quite a few holidays & events.

Top Jobs for Critical Thinkers
We are getting ready to kick off Career Week at my school.  This timely visual (click on it to enlarge) shows the Top Jobs for Critical Thinkers... from the ThinkWatson blog:

We created this fun critical thinking infographic to illustrate the top jobs requiring critical thinking skills. Students, job seekers, and career changers... you've been warned! 



Are you Ready for Some Football?
Sports junkies love their data.  This simple visual is an appealing way to display the tops stats for your favorite players and teams... and where they stand in comparison to their rivals.  Go Redskins.

Famous Logos... simplified
I just thought these were really creative but I'm sure some inventive teacher could do something with these. Even a basic discussion about branding and design might lead somewhere. The one below is simple, check out this page for a few more (and some links to even more)