Dan Pink & The Candle Problem

I just finished watching the Dan Pink TED talk and I was really blown away with the educational implications of what he was saying (especially with how we grade/assess students).  Do yourself a favor and take 19 minutes and watch it... my guess is you will be happy that you did.  When you watch it, do this substitution in your head: when he says "business" you say "schools", or "education".  A few questions/observations I made when watched this.  I would really enjoy hearing your thoughts:

  1. Are we currently (and be honest) preparing our students to solve the first or second candle problem?

  2. Meetings are optional

  3. Traditional grading methods might work for the second candle problem but not for the first...

  4. Amen, intrinsic motivation is self-sustaining.  How do we foster intrinsic motivation in students?

  5. Meetings are optional* (I have to say, I like this one A LOT!)

  6. "If you want engagement, self-direction works better"  Do school leaders foster self-direction in teachers?  Do teachers promote self-direction in students?

  7. If you want to increase student performance don't do more of the wrong things... look for a whole new approach.

  8. How do we create an environment that is more right-brained, creative and conceptual?  My guess is that whatever we do here our system of assessment will need to change.

* Learning is social though, so I don't think he means don't gather and talk... at least I hope not.  I don't like meetings but appreciate meaningful discourse.