Visualize Your Day

I was looking at NPR's Planet Money blog the other day and they had a link to this post that contained this excellent visual:

This got my brain working... what other ways could we keep track of something and create a similar visual?  I thought it might be interesting if student kept track of their daily activities (not all of them, just a few of the "major" tasks).  I created a "Time Sheet" that kids could use, my sample is here and the template here.  Lots of great math involved in keeping this chart.

Once I had all of the data I needed I created the visual below.  I used PowerPoint to create it since I wanted some "creative" license to make it the way I wanted but you could use any graphing program.

This was a fun activity for me to do and I think it would be fun for students as well.  You could have kids keep track of all sorts of stuff throughout the year (# of pages they read, minutes spent at recess, video game time, # of google searches, Big Macs consumed, etc.) ... once they have tons of data they could create all sorts of personally relevant visuals.

The math involved can be as simple or complicated as you would like.  I think it is important that we keep an eye out for these types of connections... they appear every day.  Making math relevant and interesting for students is important.