What is Learning?

As teachers, we are in the learning business, right?  If so, how important is it that teachers are able to answer the question: "what is learning?"

It is quite possible that how a teacher answers this question will govern how he or she actually teaches. Ideally, a teacher should be able to articulate an answer to this question precisely and succinctly (in one sentence?)... hmm, let me try this:

For me, learning is a direct outcome of solving problems.  There, I did it... one sentence!  Of course, this is most likely not all-inclusive.  I mean, I think I am capable of learning in instances not directly related to solving a problem but the most meaningful learning (for me) is associated with solving some issue.  Connecting data, information and knowledge to a relatable experience is critical for my understanding.  

If this is my learning belief, what would my classroom look like?  Hopefully, my classroom environment and teaching style reflect this belief (theory in practice vs. theory in use).  Obviously, reflecting about the learning activities I conduct with learners goes a long way toward helping me ensure that my beliefs and my practices are in sync.

I hope that this question, and all the derivatives of this question, are being discussed frequently with (and by) teachers, administrators and students.

So, what is learning to you? How important is it that teachers can define learning? Will a school operate more successfully if teachers share common beliefs?