Friday Visualization #1

Last year I sent out an email every Friday to the teachers at my school sharing some data infographic or other visual.  Well, since school is getting ready to start anew... a new year, a whole new visualization series. 

This one if very different from any I shared last year.  This one is a video by David McCandless where he discusses the importance of data visualization and provides a foundation for importance of using visuals.

A couple of my thoughts re: visualization.

1.)    Data visualization is, by its very nature, differentiated

2.)    How are we preparing students to consume data and data visuals to make conclusions, inferences and hypothesis (beyond pie graphs and line graphs)?

3.)    How are we preparing students to create their own visuals (hopefully based on data they collect)?

4.)    Can we create data around student reading (pages read, genres read, weight in books, etc.) and create visuals? (of course we can.. and so can our students)

 The video is 18:17 long and will really make you think, so you should watch it.

After I sent this one out a former colleague (are there ever former colleagues?) sent me an email with this comment:

I also like the concept of how deceiving the data can be when you don't know where the numbers come from. His example of the military budget could be done so many more ways to even further balance the perspective and make us think (and write) about which tells the best story for which purpose.

Good thought!