FV#16 - Two Videos to Share

Ok, I won't lie.  I'm tired today.  Too tired to write anything.  So, I'm sharing two videos :-)

#1 "I Love Charts" - From PBS kids... a song about visualizations?  Sweet.  "...a chart lets you visualize".  Not much to say about this one... would be nice to use with students before kicking off a discussion about how visuals help you understand things that are sometimes complex... then, hopefully, begin having students CREATE their own visuals to help them describe and understand the things they see around them.


#2 "7 Billion" by National Geographic.  This is really an amazing way to understand how many people are on the planet.  There are tons of math and science activities (not to mention social studies implications) in this video.  I think that you could do a whole week's worth of warm-up activities from this video alone.

The 7 Billion video has a lot of amazing statistics and things to think about.  One factoid that jumped out at me and still has me thinking is this one:

Wow!  That's it.  Man, the Earth is big.