FV #15 - How We Doing?

Today's powerful and reflective visualization was shared with me by my friend Mr. Baxter (via The Atlantic).  It visually summerizes the impact of the recession within a variety of categories (entertainment, budget, social issues, etc.).  The visual is a bit overwhelming at first, I mean, there is a lot here (click image to enlarge):

But, once you start digging in a bit, I'm certain that some of the visuals will jump out at you more than others.  You might even want to pull some of these out (Greenshot works great for this) and share with students.  I'm sure some interesting disucssions can happen this way.

For example, 

and this one...

Both of these extracts can be excellent ways for student to have a better understanding of current events and the time period within which we are living.  Not to mention, some real work math potential in these statistics... there always is, right?

I have to admit though, out of all of these images, the one that jumped out at me the most was this one.  

Seriously, why would more Americans in 2009 think that Obama is a muslim (vs. 2007)?  Why would they think he is one at all?  This one could spark an interesting discussion about race, prejudice, and the roles and responsibilities of the media.