Dragon Dictation


What the above transcription should say is... "Dragon dictation is an app I have had on and off my iPhone for sometime now". Until very recently I pretty much only used it to play around with... occasionally sending the particularly funky transcription to my friends.  However, I know think it is a pretty remarkable application and it has made it's way to my coveted "first screen" on my phone. 

Why?  Well, because it has solved a great problem for me.  I think a lot and like to capture my notes.  Usually I do this with a notebook that I carry around with me but during those occasions I can't write (driving, walking the dog, etc.) I use Evernote's wonderful audio recording tool to capture my thoughts.  Here's the thing, I used to then transcribe those recordings to text later on.  Now, with Dragon, I do both at the same time saving me time and effort. 

I can use Dragon where ever and when ever since it  is an app on my iPhone... I love that!  Use it to keep track of what's in your head.  Shopping lists, "To Do" items, blog posts, etc.

Pros: Free, Easy to use, Stop a note - then add on to it during same record session, email / copy / SMS your notes.

Cons: Accuracy (see image above... although it is probably 95% accurate for me and it is very easy to make corrections), Record length, Can't save notes in app.