FV #24 - The Value of Video

Today's visual is a video from the very talented Dan Meyer, a very popular blogger who every educator should follow (math teachers for sure).  His posts usually make me think... a lot.

 This video amazes me for two reasons.

  1. The simplicity of it (and yet conveys so much)
  2. The conversation it would should start in a Math class

Regarding the use of video (a visual medium), Dan has this to say:

We can access that intuition with video by showing that small slice growing continuously into the big. How do you replicate that experience in print, a medium which does a bang-up job with static quantities but has something of a panic attack when those quantities change?

You should head over to his post about this video to see what he has to say about it and read the comments for additional insight (like what if the values changed, and it was $300 or $1000).

Visuals like this can get across so much, so quickly and with so few words.  You could totally create something like this in a program like PowerPoint or Keynote. Very cool!

If this one interested you, you might want to look at his other videos located over on Vimeo. Here are two more for fun... the first one is math related...


This one should just make you think.