What's Was Your Literary Inspiration?

Where the Wild Things Are was originally going to be called Where the Wild Horses Are. The only problem was that as it transpired, Maurice Sendak couldn’t draw a convincing horse to save his life. 

Like many people I love a good back story.  I feel like knowing the inspiration behind something provides me with a richer, more multidimensional understanding of whatever it is that is being shared (this is one reason why I love the DVD commentary tracks for my favorite movies).  

Well, my friend Mr. Baxter shared out this story from the Atlantic about "The Unexpected Inspirations Behind Beloved Children's Books" and I found it really interesting (although more details would have been welcomed)

No doubt this would be great to share with Language Arts students of all ages.  Might launch an interesting discussion about where to find inspiration.  I'm sure librarians could think of a use for this information too (bulletin board?).