Get 5 GB Bonus Dropbox Space...

Now that's an attention grabbing headline, right?

Dropbox is currently beta testing a new feature that will automatically import image and video files from your smartphone, digital camera, or mobile device.  As a reward for participating in this testing, they are giving you up to 5 GBs of free, bonus space.

I've been trying it out for a few days and really think the service is slick.  To get started, head over to this Dropbox forum and install the latest Dropbox client for your OS.  Once you've successfully installed that, simply plug in your device to your computer.  I received a prompt that asked if I wanted to import my media from my device (iPhone).  From there on out, the images and videos automatically import when I connect my phone to the computer.  

I received 500MB free space on my first import and have received 500MB additional space for every 500MB I've imported (2GB so far). 

I have always felt that Dropbox is such a simple way to share and backup content.  This new service is no exception, it just works and totally in the background.  Try it out.

If you still need a Dropbox account, use this referral code and we'll both get even more extra bonus space.