FV #31 - Failure and Learning

Today's visual is from Indexed.  Indexed is a blog by Jessica Hagy where she posts an visual every weekday.  Her visuals are always on index cards.  Here is hers for today:

I'm sure every educator will recognize the importance of failure as a learning aid.  I won't get all political about the whole "failure is not an option" thing.  

Related to the topic of failure, I was reading a letter from F. Scott Fitzgerald to his daughter over on the Letters of Note blog just the other day where Mr. Fitzgerald provided this advice to his (then 11-year old) daughter:

Don't worry about failure unless it comes through your own fault

I like that too.

Two things here for teachers:


  1. I've always thought that students should try to create their own "Indexed" visuals related to their studies... could be a great assessment device
  2. The Letters of Note blog can be a wealth of resources for Language Arts and Social Studies teachers.