FV #33 - Now I Feel Insignificant, Thanks.

A couple of years ago Cary Huang and his brother created this interesting "interactive" visualization of the scale of the the universe.  He recently updated and improved it with his Scale of the Universe 2 visual.  Learn about the scale of things by zooming in and zooming out.  It's certainly an improvement over the earlier version and worth looking at.  I especially like the interesting assortment of universe objects that the creators selected (and the fact that you can click on them to learn more).  

Clearly science teachers can use this when discussing space and molecules.  I think that math teachers can take advantage of the scientific notation, too.

Depending on your internet connection it can take a second or two to load.  Be patient.

If you like this one, you might like this video I shared a few months back too.

Let me know if you've come across any similar visuals.