FV #35 - Lots to Look At

Information is Beautiful released their visualization awards shortlist a couple days ago and if you like visual stuff you will want to check it out.  Dozens of excellent visuals divided into six categories.  It's well worth spending some time exploring so check it out when you get a chance.  I have not scrutinized them all just yet but here are some of my favorites so far (click to enlarge).

From the Data Visualization category

I love the concept of this one. Simple and brilliant. 

Interactive Visualization

I really like the interactive ones.  I was amazed at how small our debt payments and foreign aid were as overall percentages of the total.

Data Journalism

This visual makes it easy to establish the fact that you should stay out of Central Park (at night I would imagine).  This graphic would be interesting if you could adjust based on time of day or even a time range.

Motion Infographic

I had higher hopes for these.  Don't get me wrong, they are interesting; I've just seen better.  This one is about Apple.

Tools or Website

Ok, these are going to be fun to explore.  

I think it is good to consume these and think about how you can use them with students.  Students need to learn how to consume data when it is presented visually and they need to gain proactice in creating data visuals. Using some of the tools listed on the Tools or Website list or reverse engineering how some of these others were created and using those toos.  So how do these inspire you?  What can you do with them?